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NY-26: District Democrats Endorse Jon Powers

by on April 30, 2008

Following the tradition of Rahm Emanuel’s 2006 strategy for taking over the House, Democrat leaders in the 26th Congressional District snubbed Jack Davis in favor of Jon Powers, a political novice and Iraq War veteran:

Democratic leaders from across the 26th Congressional District have decided to endorse Iraq war veteran Jon Powers. Powers received the endorsement of Erie County’s Democratic committee on Tuesday, the last of the seven counties to make an endorsement.

Powers seeks to replace Rep. Thomas Reynolds, R-Clarence, who is retiring. In a primary, he is slated to face Alice Kryzan, an environmental lawyer from Amherst, and Jack Davis, a Clarence businessman, who has run for the seat twice before.

In light of the enthusiastic support Barack Obama has been receiving in his presidential bid, one has to wonder if this year Democrats have a newfound love for inexperienced but charismatic candidates whose appeal is more based on slogans and superficialities than true experience. While Powers’ service in Iraq is honorable, even his own website biography says virtually nothing about other experience relevant to him being qualified to be a member of Congress. Even Alan over at Buffalo Pundit (a Powers supporter) said a couple months ago, “Jon Powers has the people skills and charisma that Davis only dreams about.”

Well, even a crappy present can be covered in pretty wrapping paper. My former governor, Deval Patrick, has been such a crappy gift for Massachusetts in sparkling wrapping paper covered in slogans like “Together We Can,” and buzzwords like “Hope,” “Change,” and “Leadership.” Only after he took office did a majority of Massachusetts voters realize they been duped. They’re now paying the price.

Charisma on the campaign trail doesn’t necessarily translate to leadership in government. Just look at Bill Clinton, Deval Patrick, and Barack Obama.


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