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NY-26: Chris Lee Kicks Off Congressional Campaign

by on May 1, 2008

Christopher Lee kicked off his campaign to replace Tom Reynolds in Congress, today, making a number of stops across the 26th Congressional district.

Lee, a business executive from Clarence, introduced himself briefly in five stops around the U.S. House 26th district, including a late afternoon visit to Main Street, Lockport, where he was flanked by family and a contingent of GOP figures from the city, town and county.

Lee, 44, said he’s aiming to replace retiring incumbent Rep. Thomas M. Reynolds, R-Clarence, so he can give the Capitol the perspective of a small businessman from a region stunted by high taxes, hyper-regulation and the flight of native talent.

“For too long, we have heard about creating jobs, lowering taxes and eliminating needless regulation. Unfortunately, the results have not matched the rhetoric,” Lee said. “Western New Yorkers are demanding real reform, real change, real leadership and real solutions.”

Since my move to New York, I’ve heard lots of people (Democrats, Republicans, and Independents) complain about how non-business friendly this state is. Lee’s years as a successful small businessman clearly have given him the appropriate insight and experience needed in Congress during this current period of economic slowdown. Democrat Jon Powers offers a lot of the same old DNC talking points on his website, but as we’ve experienced, Democrat rhetoric and reality are two completely different things.

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