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NY-26: Reynolds Endorses Chris Lee

by on May 6, 2008

Yesterday, retiring Congressman Tom Reynolds endorsed Christopher J. Lee’s bid to fill his seat in the House.

At Erie County Republican headquarters in Buffalo, Reynolds said he’ll work “tirelessly” to help Lee’s candidacy.

“Chris brings to the table the necessary experience and understanding of how to get results. That is exactly what Western New Yorkers need in a representative,” Reynolds said. “I believe he will be a fighter for lower taxes, working families, a great advocate for local industry and an ardent supporter of our fighting men and women in harm’s way.”

Amongst other things, it looks like Reynolds will be able help Lee with cash from his political action committee. Funny enough, the Buffalo News made this observation:

[…] Reynolds, who has always ranked as a prolific political fundraiser throughout a 35- year career, leaves with an extraordinary amount of money. He can now use it for a variety of purposes (although he cannot use the campaign account personally) to help candidates, contribute to charities or even create a foundation. Some former members of Congress have used their campaign kitties to further new Washington careers as lobbyists.

Was that a reference to the Democrats’ candidate, Jon Powers, who violated election laws by using campaign funds to pay his rent? Perhaps not, but it’s nice to know that a political news reporter at The Buffalo News is aware of election laws, even if Jon Powers, isn’t.

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