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State Senate Approves Gas Tax Holiday

by on May 7, 2008

…but don’t get your hopes up, the Assembly and Governor Paterson aren’t to thrilled with idea of tax relief.

The Republican-sponsored bill would eliminate the gas tax between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day.

The proposal comes as the federal government and presidential candidates debate a federal “holiday” from gas taxes.

Senate Republicans claim the bill would save New Yorkers about 32 cents per gallon in state petroleum business, sales and motor fuel excise taxes. The measure passed the Senate 46-15.

“Look at New Jersey, where you’ll find a lower tax for gasoline, and you know what you’ll find? A lower price for gasoline,” said Sen. Andrew Lanza of Staten Island. “Gas costs more here, because we impose a higher tax here. If we impose a lower tax here gas will cost less here. What is so hard about that to understand?”

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