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NY-27: Humiston Enters Race Against Higgins

by on May 21, 2008

The race to take back CD-27 is on!

Daniel J. Humiston joined the growing cadre of local businessmen plunging into Republican politics Tuesday by promising to transfer his experience as founder of the Tanning Bed chain to the House of Representatives.

Surrounded outside West Seneca Town Hall by several bronzed employees of his 23- year-old company, Humiston launched what he acknowledged will prove a tough campaign against Brian Higgins, the two-term incumbent Democrat. But he pointed across Union Road to the location of his first Tanning Bed outlet, recalling the chance he took on a venture that now employs more than 700 people in 34 outlets.

“Fast-forward 23 years, and here I am again in the same spot,” he said. “I have the same feeling, except this time my vision is for Western New York. It’s a vision of growth, it’s a vision of prosperity, and it’s a vision of optimism.”

Humiston, 44, is a member of the Independence Party but will receive the backing of Republican leaders to run on their line. Erie County Republican Chairman James P. Domagalski was on hand to demonstrate his support, reflecting yet another candidate from the business community he has recruited for major offices.

“I think you see in Dan a focused businessman with proven leadership and job creation skills, and someone who’s about achieving something — not being something,” Domagalski said. “The incumbent is very good at getting press. Our opponent in this race has been at three different levels of government, and the thing that he’s best at is criticizing the level of government he left when he’s at the next level.”

Given the recent slowdown of the economy, it certainly is a good idea to have someone with business experience representing the district instead of someone whose voting record suggests he knows very little about what’s good for business.

UPDATE: Watch the video.


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