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NY-26: Lions and Tigers and Stock Photos, Oh My!

by on June 8, 2008

It it without question that Chris Lee’s campaign website needs work… however, if the best criticism you can make against a political candidate is their use of stock photos on their website, then you’re desperately grasping at straws.

The use of stock photos is nothing new in the world … but hey, if that’s the only thing you can criticize someone for, then go ahead, see how far it gets you.

I was also amused by this gem:

The incumbent has been there since 1999, and has endorsed Lee. If Washington has been shortchanging us, it’s no thanks to incumbent Republican congressman Thomas M. Reynolds – a man who was once very clout-laden in a body that until recently held a Republican majority during the pendency of a Republican presidential administration. I’d suggest that real change for the 26th would be to let a member of the other party have a go.

Real change? Last I checked, the Democrats have control in Congress, and pretty much run things in Albany as well. It sure is time to let the “other party have a go” because as far as this state is concerned the “other party” that deserves a shot at fixing things is the Republican Party…

Let’s face the facts, things haven’t gone well since the Democrats regained power. Not that I expect someone who has endorsed Jon Powers to concede that Democrats are not the deliverers of change they pretend to be. Since Democrats took control of Congress, the costs of bread, milk, eggs and gas have all gone up.

But, maybe that’s the example Jon Powers wants to lead by.

  1. Matt,

    I agree that if they worst thing the Lee campaign has done is use stock photos, it’ll be an uphill struggle for the Dems …

    But you seem to ignore the other point made … that Tom Reynolds was a man of extraordinary power in DC … and he used all his political capital to try to get re-elected … and to get other Republicans elected (which he failed at during the last go round).

    For the amount of clout Reynolds had in DC – during which he had a Republican president and a Republican Congress (both houses) – he should have been able to snap his fingers and help out his constituency.

    He didn’t. He failed us.

    If Tom Reynolds endorsement carried so much weight, it should make you wonder why he’s not running for re-election himself.

    Frankly, I’d be much more likely to vote for Chris Lee if Reynolds HADN’T endorsed him.

    I wonder how many other voters in the 26th would agree with me.

  2. I think placing fault on Reynolds for the 2006 elections is a rather shallow argument.

    Further, you can’t say that Reynolds didn’t help out his constituency. You may not have agreed with him politically, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t use his position to help out his district. Far from it.

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