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NY-26: Kathy Konst Blasts Powers and Party Bosses

by on June 12, 2008

This year the country certainly has seen firsthand how undemocratic the Democratic Party is. Superdelegates deciding the nomination… Half-votes for Florida and Michigan delegates…

And we’re seeing in the undemocratic nature of the Democratic Party in Western New York. The other day, Democrat party leaders endorsed Jon Powers candidacy for NY-26, and apparently decided to call on Powers’ competition to take the decision away from the voters and drop out.

Kathy Konst, who recently entered the fray, took issue with Powers and the party leaders for their undemocratic ways.

Kathy Konst, an Erie County legislator seeking the Democratic nomination for the 26th Congressional District, blasted opponent Jon Powers and party leaders for calling on competitors, including herself, to step aside.

“I am shocked and awed at Mr. Powers’ political tactics,” Konst said Wednesday in a statement criticizing Powers, an Iraq War veteran. I thought we were living in a democracy, where the people determine who the best candidate is, not political bosses. If we really want to pick the best candidate, let’s do it through public debate and elections.”

On Tuesday, the Democratic Party chairmen of Western New York’s seven counties unanimously endorsed Powers.

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One Comment
  1. Sara permalink

    Finally…someone needed to stand up against Len Lenihan. He keeps paying off people to get his way. Maybe Konst doesn’t accept his bribes- be it thru favors, games or even money- and that’s why he’s so pissed at her. I like her way- I just wish the party would back her and let people go out an petition for her without threatening their jobs!

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