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A Light Tap on the Wrist For Marshawn Lynch

by on June 29, 2008

Wow, after all that, Buffalo Bills running back Marshawn Lynch will get a mere $100 fine for his hit-and-run “accident.”

Bills running back Marshawn Lynch’s actions showed “a reckless disregard of human life or property,” an administrative law judge ruled today in revoking Lynch’s driver’s license and accepting his guilty plea in a May 31 hit-and-run accident.

During an approximately six-minute hearing in the Traffic Violations Bureau downtown, Judge Thomas L. Gagola also fined Lynch the maximum $100 for the traffic infraction of failing to use due care toward a pedestrian. Lynch also paid a $50 surcharge.

“I will, under these circumstances, impose the maximum fine of $100,” Gagola announced from the bench, before revoking Lynch’s New York license and his vehicle registration.

“He is not to drive in New York State until he is authorized to do so,” Gagola said.

Lynch’s full statement can be view here. Of course, his license will only be temporarily “revoked.” So, I’m sure we all can’t wait for him to one day be driving on the road again.


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