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Seneca Nation Presses Forward

by on July 9, 2008

Good for them.

The president of the Seneca Nation of Indians today said the tribe will continue running the temporary casino in Buffalo and building a permanent replacement until the matter is finally resolved in the courts.

Maurice L. John Sr., meeting with reporters at the Seneca Niagara Casino, said the decision Tuesday by a federal judge ending the Senecas’ legal authority to gamble in Buffalo is procedural only and does not prevent operations.

Also today, Erie County Executive Chris Collins said he hopes that Seneca Gaming Corp. presses ahead and appeals the federal court decision that bars gambling on its nine acres in downtown Buffalo.

“I can only hope for the sake of this community that this project does move forward and creates the jobs that we know are intended to be created, and that we in fact have a $330-plus million investment,” he said.

Collins is a casino proponent who refuses to enter the debate over whether gambling victimizes society; Western New York already has casinos and opportunities to gamble, he says, “so it’s already here.”

It’s already here, and we should have the right to visit casinos if we choose.

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