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NY-26: Jack "Weird Al" Davis?

by on July 16, 2008

Buffalo Pundit floats the idea that Jack Davis’s radio spot featuring the song “Brand New Man” with his own lyrics may be in violation of copyright laws… I’m not expert on copyright law, but I imagine Davis’s ad would be considered a parody of the original song, and from what I’ve read, I wouldn’t expect Jack Davis to be very concerned about being accused of copyright infringement.

That said, Davis’s commercials are incredibly lame, and, as I said earlier this month, there are a lot more effective uses of a 60-second radio spot.

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  1. Martin Van Buren permalink

    Jack is a hell of a lot better than Jonny Powers. Powers is clearly living off of his campaign money. What 29 year old do you know that could not work an honest day in over a calendar year? He has already been caught dipping into the till to pay his own rent! He got caught red handed and had to pay the money back. Someone should take a hard look at the big reimbursements he pays himself. I am convinced he is backdooring himself a salary to be a candidate!

    Powers is a lightweight and Jack is going to hand it to him in the primary.

  2. When you look at how much Powers has spent already it certainly makes you wonder if he’s still dipping into the till. How else can he live with no job?

  3. jacksonsmiles permalink

    So are you saying the Army soldiers that were sent over to fight our war’s weren’t paid enough?

    Or are you saying an average joe shouldn’t be able to run for congress?

    Check the filings – Powers paid back the 4K – so there goes your theory of dipping into the $$$. It’s all accounted for thanks to

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