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Proposal: Rename The Skyway 'Brian Higgins Highway'

by on July 17, 2008

Progress was made today in the renaming of a stretch of Route 20A in Orchard Park (near Ralph Wilson Stadium) after Tim Russert, when the House of Representatives approved a resolution previously passed by the Senate last month. All it needs now is to be signed by President Bush.

US Senators Charles Schumer and Hillary Rodham Clinton and Congressman Brian Higgins proposed the renaming shortly after Russert’s untimely death from a heart attack.

Following the House vote, Higgins said it’s a “fitting remembrance of a man, who after all his success, never forgot his hometown.”

Under the legislation the stretch of Route 20A between Abbott Road and California Road in Orchard Park will be designated as the “Timothy J. Russert Highway.”

While it’s all fine and good that Brian Higgins did his part in this effort  — or at least is clamoring for accolades — I wish he put as much effort into tearing down the Skyway. Something tells me that Higgins wouldn’t ever have said “For the next five or 10 years, the renaming of the highway will continue to be subject to debate,” which he did say about the tearing down of the Skyway, despite the fact it was once a priority for him.

Since Higgins seems to be more effective at renaming highways than he is at removing dangerous ones, I think the Skyway should be renamed Brian Higgins Highway in honor of his tireless efforts to replace the dangerous Skyway.

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  1. Andy permalink

    More BS out of another BS artist Republican. How many NY Repubs will you have left in Congress after November? 2?

  2. And it’s BS why? By all means explain.

  3. Andy permalink

    I love the Republicans. Jack Quinn has the seat for 12 of the most forgettable congressional years in history and is let off the hook because “he’s a nice guy” (and gets a sweet political patronage job when his lobbying hits the crapper). The GOP has control of Congress for 12 years and nothing gets delivered for WNY from the federal level. What’s happening today? Development is happening throughout the waterfront, there is finally movement on the Peace Bridge, a new federal courthouse is being built downtown and there is a feeling that our region is getting off the dime at last. Naturally, one should conclude that because Brian Higgins hasn’t in 3 years secured the billion dollars needed to demolish the Skyway and build a new bridge to replace it that his stewardship has been a failure and that to illustrate that failure (and his OBVIOUS conclusion that removing the Skyway isn’t a priority anymore — sarcasm added) we should name the bridge for him. Yeah, that’s a great plan.

    Higgins is the only one getting stuff done around here, and you want to toss him out in favor of a guy who believes that tanning yourself doesn’t cause cancer. Great plan.

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