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NY-26: Jack Davis Hits Jon Powers Over Snowden Cash

by on July 18, 2008

From Rochester’s Democrat & Chronicle:

Millionaire Democratic congressional candidate Jack Davis is taking his primary challenger Jon Powers to task today for again accepting campaign donations from western New York strip-club owner Rick Snowden.

Powers accepted $7,000 from Snowden, who held a fundraiser for Powers. And now Davis is pointing out that Powers took another $550 from Snowden this quarter. Some Powers’ opponents have called on him to return the money.

“It is pathetic and sad that Mr. Powers will say anything, do anything, and take money from anyone to further his aspirations for a career in politics,” Davis’ campaign said in a statement.
“Voters want someone who will stand up to the special interests, not sell out to them.”

Jon Powers’ connection to Jack Snowden was first reported on The Buffalo Bean last month.

UPDATE: More from Monroe Rising:

It should have been obvious to Powers that taking money from a man who exploits women for money is wrong the first time.  But for Powers to accept money from this scumbag again is just disgusting.  That’s the Dem’s candidate for you right there.  


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  1. jacksonsmiles permalink

    Davis was at the guys house last year – hypocrate!

    Would he prefer Powers give $$ to the wives of political leaders — oh wait Davis did that. Davis can’t even keep a wife. He’s gone through 4 of them and most of his kids disowned him!

  2. Martin Van Buren permalink

    “Leadership by Example” Jon Powers taking money from a flesh peddler pornographer Rick Snowden is nothing that surprises me. How is Jon Powers going to react when Rick’s Tally Ho gets busted for illegal prostitution like is rampantly rumored to happen?

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