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More on McCain's Buffalo Visit

by on July 21, 2008

McCain’s $10,000/plate fundraiser in at the Gioia residence this evening was the big topic of conversation on Sandy Beach’s program on WBEN today, and it was full of mocking of he idea of such a fundraiser. It is funny that people seemed to be acting as if they’d never heard of such a fundraiser before. They happen all the time for candidates of both parties — and yet I’ve never heard so much whining about them before.

And then there was the complaining about McCain not taking more time to either answer questions from the media or speak to local supporters who weren’t about to shell out $10,000 for dinner or $1,000 minimum to get into the reception at the Albright-Knox. The Buffalo News certainly didn’t let McCain’s tight schedule go unnoticed.

The Arizona senator arrived via his “straight talk express” airliner at the Prior Aviation terminal at Buffalo Niagara International Airport, where he was met by a host of local GOP dignitaries.

After only about five minutes of meeting and greeting, McCain avoided a cluster of Buffalo and Rochester reporters and climbed aboard an SUV that whisked him to the first of two fundraising events.

But, I just don’t get why people think McCain was going to devote more time here than he needed to. Let’s face it, New York is a blue state, and unless something incredible happens that changes the political situation in this state, then It’s not unreasonable to assume that McCain isn’t going to be holding any rallies here. Why not? Because a rally is intended to excite supporters and motivate them to get out the vote. If polls show New York is really in play, you’ll see McCain making longer visits to the Empire State, where he can perhaps devote more time to the precious media.

Coinciding with McCain visit, congressional candidate Jon Powers issued some Democratic talking points (in the form of a statement) going after McCain’s position on free trade, and sounding just as clueless about economics as Jack Davis.

Powers obviously doesn’t understand free trade or economics, but what can you expect when you’re just a single-issue candidate (his issue being Iraq) with no policy positions except for the talking points he gets from the DNC. 

UPDATE: Monroe Rising notes the hypocrisy of the criticism McCain is receiving from prominent Democrats:

I seem to recall that Cook County, Illinois Senator Barack Hussein Obama visited New York City on July 9th and 10th.  Obama didn’t go to the Big Apple to speak out about the housing shortage, or the War on Drugs, or mandatory minimums, or education reform, or health care for children.  Instead he collected checks from fellow liberal elitists at four different fundraisers over two days. Then he hopped back on his private plane and went to squigee more money out of Americans instead of talking about the issues.  What is the harm in Democrats talking about issues that concern their constituencies.  Are they allergic?  Do they break out in hives if they get close? 

Issues really aren’t the Democrats’ strongpoint.

UPDATE: The hypocrisy cited by Monroe Rising seems to be lost on Amherst Times

  1. I understand the efficiency of effort, I also understand how it looks. Personally, I would have just asked for check, cash, or money order sent to the Straight Talk Express” and saved on the gas. Perhaps things would be different if candidates tried to take more than just the swing states. Imagine that, a candidate that actually put forth an effort in every state!

  2. Maybe Monroe Rising could learn to spell “squeegee”.

    Also, as part of his 50-state strategy, Obama is busy making inroads in states that had once been written off by Democrats. McCain could have most certainly made himself available for an event so that average middle-class Republicans and Republican activists (if there is such a thing) could hear a rousing speech from the straight talking candidate, and get excited about changing some minds in Erie County. When Spitzer came to town for a big-ticket fundraiser in town last summer, he held a $30 event at the Church on Delaware that same night so that the little people could hear from him, too. McCain could have done that, but didn’t. That’s too bad. It probably would have taken him all of 30 minutes to zip in, give a speech, and zip on to Gioia’s house.

    But since Republican activists and other non-wealthy people didn’t complain, I guess it’s all good.

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