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NY-26: Jon Powers and Nancy Pelosi At Odds on Free Trade

by on July 23, 2008

Jon Powers, who has recently stepped up his criticisms of free trade policies which have actually contributed to economic in this country, took the opportunity of McCain’s visit to criticize Chris Lee for attending John McCain’s fundraiser at the Albright-Knox Monday night.

“Chris Lee was happy to appear with John McCain yesterday as he refused to talk to the voters of Western New York. Chris Lee must now respond to the unanswered questions and tell the voters what he will do to end the trade policies that have shipped Western New York jobs overseas,” said Powers for Congress Campaign Manager, John Gerken.

“Jon has been consistent in his opposition to the careless free trade policies of George Bush and John McCain. The working men and women of this district have recognized Jon’s commitment to saving jobs and we are proud to have their support.”

Now, the only free trade agreement mentioned on Jon Powers‘ website is NAFTA, which was enacted in 1994. Now, in case Jon Powers hasn’t been paying attention to history, George W. Bush wasn’t president in 1994 — Bill Clinton was… and further, NAFTA has enjoyed bipartisan support and praise. Despite this fact, Powers finds it easier to blame George W. Bush and John McCain.

Another supporter of NAFTA was Nancy Pelosi.  And the anti-free trade Jon Powers will be going to a DCCC fundraising event in Washington D.C. that is being hosted by the pro-free trade House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Will Jon Powers critcize Speaker Pelosi for her support of NAFTA?

And Nancy didn’t just endorse NAFTA, she pushed to get it passed, according this 1993 article from the San Francisco Chronicle (via LexisNexis): 

An influential friend of Clinton, Pelosi’s standing with the White House grew further in recent days, after she endorsed NAFTA and helped win other House members’ support.

How can Powers criticize John McCain and George W. Bush for supporting NAFTA with claims that it “shipped Western New York jobs overseas,”  and still attend Pelosi’s fundraiser for the DCCC. I’m willing to bet a lot of money that he’s not going to criticize Madame Speaker for her support and advocacy of NAFTA.

Another prominent Democrat who has supported NAFTA and free trade is Charles Rangel,  who is also joining Powers at the fundraiser next month. Powers probably won’t get into a debate with him over free trade either… we know he won’t return his money.

But, why should I be surprised that Jon Powers is a hypocrite? Hypocrisy is a prerequisite for joining the Democratic Party.

UPDATE, July 24, 2008: Monroe Rising has more


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