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NY-26: Jon Powers, Grassroots or Netroots Candidate?

by on July 23, 2008

Jon Powers guest blogged on the left-wing Daily Kos blog yesterday, thanking them for their support and appealing for more cash.

In addition to his latest appeal for money from outside of his district, Rochester Turning and The Albany Project both note that Jon Powers made the ActBlue top ten this week. ActBlue is another left-wing fundraising website.

Powers likes to tout the “strong grassroots support” for his campaign, but it has become increasingly clear that what he’s calling “grassroots support” is really netroots support from left-wing activists who don’t live in the 26th district, or even New York State.

How exactly does Jon Powers expect to represent the 26th district when so much of his campaign cash comes from liberal activists whose values don’t represent those of the district?


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  1. Martin Van Buren permalink

    Powers support has nothing to do with WNY and everything to do with the special interests looking to keep the current Democratic leadership in place. This is a fine example of why Powers will be just another vote for the Pelosi do-nothing agenda.

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