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NY-26: Jon Powers Takes Cash From The Council For A Livable World

by on July 24, 2008

If money talks, than Jon Powers has some explaining to do…

Jon Powers has taken a significant amount of campaign cash from the Council for A Livable World. And sitting on the council’s National Advisory Board is Roger Fisher, who advocated that the United States negotiate with the Taliban — less than a month after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

An op-ed written by Fisher titled “Getting to yes with the Taliban” was printed on October 5, 2001, the op-ed began:

The media say that the Taliban wants to negotiate. Great! What we want is high level people in Afghanistan to make a decision. Both a stick and a carrot can help.

It’s nice to know where Powers is getting his campaign cash from. I wonder how the people of his district feel about negotiating with terror groups? Powers talks about leadership by example like a broken record, so what kind of example is he setting by taking money from such a group? Not only has he taken their money, but he’s the featured candidate on the council’s website, and has produced a video encouraging support for Powers.

Clearly, Jon Powers is more interested in accepting money from crazy liberals than in representing the people of Western New York.


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  1. Interesting. I wonder if Chris Lee will accuse this Iraq vet Army Captain who volunteered to serve of being soft on terror.

    Where and when did Lee serve, again?

    It’s great because so far all I’ve seen is that Powers takes money from so-and-so, or Powers uses a silly tagline that is easy to mock. I haven’t seen one reason why I should vote for any other candidate, however. Fascinating, that.

    I wonder which of the 4 candidates is connecting better with the average middle-class voter in the 26th.

  2. Well, that can’t possibly be Jon Powers… he’s spending more time appealing to left-wing activists outside of the district. The Kossacks and Nutroots may be good at sending cash to liberal candidates, but they don’t represent the values of Western New York, and if Jon Powers keeps funding his campaign from those fringe liberals then we know who he’ll really be representing if he’s elected… and it ain’t the folks of NY’s 26th congressional district.

  3. Pundit,

    The special interest money that is funding this farce of a campaign should embarrass Powers. I don’t think he is a bad kid, but lets face it, at 29 he does not have the life experience necessary to represent this area in congress. His insatiable hunger for left-wing activist money leaves little doubt how he would vote when Speaker Pelosi comes calling.

    San Fransico values are not those that best suit WNY. VOTE JACK!

  4. I think at 29, an officer who is a war veteran has all the experience necessary to be a congressman. His “hunger” for “left-wing activist money”, is due to the fact that he’s quite literally the only non-millionaire in the race.

    Unless, of course, by “life experience”, you mean, “millionaire”.

  5. Will Hunting permalink

    Isn’t it odd that Jon Powers hasn’t served in the reserves or IRR? Wonder if that calls into question his service?

  6. Nice to see the Chris Lee is getting talking points from the National Republican Campaign Committee. They’ve run ads with this claim in the last several elections and have been routinely and completely debunked by the nonpartisan

    You can find the whole story at :

    But here’s the gist of it:
    “The Council does not have “a leader that advocated negotiating with the Taliban,” as the announcer says. Neither the executive director nor the chairman of the group said anything about such negotiations. The NRCC is imprecisely referring to Roger Fisher, who serves on the Council’s 30-member board and is a professor emeritus at Harvard Law School and director of the Harvard Negotiation Project. He’s also co-author of a book called “Getting to YES: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In” (the last three words of the title seem important).”

    Full disclosure, I am Chief Operating Officer at the Council.

  7. I am not affiliated with Chris Lee’s campaign. I am an independent blogger. And nothing in the FactCheck article contradicts anything I wrote.

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