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NY-26: The Flaws and Lack of Judgment of Jon Powers and Jack Davis

by on August 8, 2008

The Buffalo News published an editorial today that highlights the poor judgment of both the Jack Davis and Jon Powers campaigns.

This is what happens when you want to win too much. You pretend that the wives of influential party chairman are “consultants” and pay them $5,000 each for their “work,” or you pitch your altruistic efforts as “path breaking” when, in reality, they fall far short of the mark. With behavior like that, you could be a congressman.

Coincidentally, that is just what Jack Davis and Jon Powers want to be. The Democratic candidates for the 26th Congressional District want it so much that they risk the accusation that they are willing to do anything to win. They should stop and take a deep breath. Western New Yorkers don’t need either of them that badly.

The article then goes into greater detail into the stories those of us following the NY-26 congressional race have been aware of for a while now; the $5,000 bribes from Jack Davis to the wives of Independence Party chairmen of Erie and Monroe counties, and Jon Powers excessive salary for his rather unsuccessful non-profit charity, War Kids Relief –a charity which he has boasted loudly about on the campaign trail.

Here’s some unsolicited advice for anyone running for office this year: You should want to win badly enough that voters trust your passion for the job, but not so much that they lose faith in your judgment. That’s the problem Davis and Powers are now facing. Poor judgment is a killer.

Of course, in all likelihood, either Powers or Davis will become the Democratic nominee, as Alice Kryzan seems to be struggling more for relevancy in this primary battle. The race has pretty much been a battle between Jack Davis and his millions of personal wealth vs. Jon Powers and the campaign he gets from out-of-state left wing activists and special interests.

Regardless of whomever wins, Davis or Powers, the Democrats will ultimately be nominating a flawed candidate who lacks the proper judgment to represent the 26th district.


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