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NY-26: From Kos to Kerry, Jon Powers Feels The Love

by on August 10, 2008

I missed this story from earlier in the week, but apparently my former Senator, John “I was in Vietnam” Kerry, blogged at Daily Kos on Wednesday, calling on the Kossacks to support Jon Powers.

A quick post to congratulate Daily Kos on your Orange2Blue program and, especially, to recommend one of the latest choices: Jon Powers.

It will be three years ago this fall that I met Jon Powers and there isn’t a more impressive young man getting involved in public life today.

I first met Jon at a screening I attended of the documentary Gunner’s Palace. When I heard his story, and I talked to him, I was blown away. I then asked him to give the introduction to the speech I gave on dissent and patriotism at Faneuil Hall in Boston.

Jon later told me that he remembers that day because it helped inspire him to run for Congress, a fact that I’m very proud of.

And to think I used to love hanging out at Faneuil Hall…

Anyway, Kerry not only had praise for Powers, but also some sharp criticism for Jack Davis:

His primary opponent is a self-funded millionaire who is responsible for the gutting of the Millionaire’s Amendment – and who has launched a slew of misleading attacks – so please do what you can to help.

Kind of a funny criticism coming from John Kerry, who is no stranger to loaning millions of dollars to his own campaign, but it does seem rather harsh for criticism of a primary opponent. Obviously the negativity amongst the Democrat is quite severe, which could a major political misstep, should Jack Davis win the primary… which he may very well do. 


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