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Assembly Passes Income Redistribution Bill

by on August 19, 2008

Bowing to pressure from the unions, the New York State Assembly approved a tax hike on millionaires in lieu of a property tax cap. New York’s teacher union has been relentless in fighting the proposed tax cap.

Robert Harding over at  The Albany Project noted liberal groups were pretty psyched by the news. Unfortunately, a tax hike on millionaires doesn’t “address the issue of high property taxes” as Harding suggests. Instead of addressing high property taxes, it shifts the burden of paying those taxes to the wealthy. If such a bill were to be signed by the governor, it would certainly dissuade wealthy people (business owners who employ people) from coming to the state, and encourage those that are here to leave.

Instead of raising taxes, the state needs to be more efficient and responsible with our money. High taxes drive people out and hurt businesses. Union bullying can’t blind people to the truth.

UPDATE, 8/20/08, 4:01 PM: The left-wing pro-union “Working Families” Party sent out an email moments ago, declaring victory in the Assembly,

Over the last few months, the WFP and its allies have pushed for a new approach to the property tax crisis. With the help of over 15,000 calls and emails from supporters like you, we got the message to Albany that New York needs real tax solutions.

It worked. In a rare bi-partisan vote, the State Assembly rejected the ‘tax cap’ gimmick and instead passed a groundbreaking bill that would give immediate property tax relief to working families without threatening our schools.

It’s just another rob the rich in the name of poor, while doing nothing to promote fiscal responsibility in Albany. Let’s face it, the unions are looking out for the unions, not average people. If this tax increase ever passes the Senate and gets signed, it will drive more and more people out of New York.
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