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NY-26: Chris Lee Interview on WBEN 930 AM

by on August 19, 2008

On Saturday, Chris Lee was interviewed on WBEN. It was a very good interview, focussing on economic issues. It’s clear that Lee’s background in business has given him the appropriate experience we need in someone to represent Western New York in the United States Congress. It was clear from the interview that Lee was just responding to questions, but he understood the issues. I also couldn’t help noticing the contrast between Lee’s interview on WBEN (which was roughly 45 minutes long) from the interviews I’ve heard recently with Jon Powers. Powers has more to say about War Kids Relief and the press he got from that than he does about the issues affecting his district… his interview on WLVL last week is a case in point. Powers also fumbled miserably on WHAM when he was asked about offshore drilling, Chris Lee clearly knew a lot about the issue and had quite a bit to say about it. I can’t imagine Powers getting that in depth about any issue.

I’ve got the audio for those who missed the interview and would like to hear it.

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