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NY-26: Jon Powers "Introduces" Himself With New Ad

by on August 19, 2008

The campaign of Jon Powers finally released their first ad today, which can be viewed on the left-wing website, ActBlue. The ad was launched online in conjunction with a fundraising drive to raise $10,000 in 10 days, in order to “help this TV ad introduce Jon to those people in Western New York who have not had the opportunity and good fortune to hear him speak, shake his hand and say hello.”

Of course, I’ve heard him speak, and it’s nothing to brag about.

The Powers ad, while I can compliment the production quality of it, there’s not much substance in it. It features the same old talking points we’ve heard over an over, and make Powers look more like a posh businessman with an expensive suit and an office with a view than an unemployed substitute teacher.

According to the ad, Powers wants to create “a new generation of jobs,” and “protect Social Security” — you know, the usual buzz phrases. But, the real interesting thing about the ad was what was missing. The ad opens up talking about his service in Iraq, but made no mention of War Kids Relief. Powers has made War Kids Relief one of the centerpieces of his resume, and yet, the in which he is choosing to “introduce himself to Western New York” doesn’t even mention it?

I was also amused by the fact that the purpose of the ad was to “introduce” Powers to Western New York. Powers started his campaign a year ago… Perhaps if he wasn’t spending so much time trying to raise money from out-of-state left-wing activists he wouldn’t have to “introduce himself” to Western New Yorkers a few short weeks before the primary.


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