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NY-26: Another Bad Week For The Democrats

by on August 20, 2008

It certainly hasn’t been a good couple weeks for Jon Powers or Jack Davis… Powers has been on defense over questions about War Kids Relief… and his citation for disorderly conduct back in 2004 didn’t help him either. Davis has been dogged by allegations of bribery and an apparent investigation. In addition to that, earlier today Joe Illuzzi revealed something interesting on

The Monroe County DA is looking at 26th congressional candidate Jack Davis’ $5,000 payment to former IP Chair Rahael Colon’s wife, using her maiden name. The word bribe was used publicly to describe the payment. Colon & his wife Bianca have since resigned.

Davis tacitly admitted the payments were unethical & apologized.

Sources say that while similar payments were made to Erie County Chairman Orsini’s wife at this time DA Frank Clark has shown no interest in pursuing the matter.

However, we are told the Feds are interested, very interested.

For our part: The Davis campaign offered this publication $3,000 to do hit pieces on Davis rival Jon Powers in lieu of an ad. We said, NO! A shouting match ensued between yours truly & Davis spokesman Luke Vaughan. Albeit, we believe Jon Powers is a bum!

Alice Kryzan’s campaign sent out an email earlier today, noting that “her opponents have been making a lot of headlines recently, for all the wrong reasons.” She may be right, but that doesn’t mean she’ll come out on top in the primary.  
And, in case you didn’t catch this story from the Rochester Demcorat & Chronicle, the Monroe County Independence Party is calling for an investigation into the payments.

Blanca Colon was one of three members of the Monroe County Independence Party’s nominating committee to vote for Democratic congressional candidate Jack Davis back in May, but she never revealed that she was being paid by the Davis campaign, according to a party member.

The revelation is part of a deposition signed by Monroe County Independence Party member Steve Corryn, who on Monday requested an investigation by the district attorney’s office into payments Davis made to Colon, wife of former party chairman Rafael Colon.

Corryn, who read a statement to the media on behalf of himself and the party, supplied the deposition to reporters laying out a case against Blanca Colon, who was paid $5,000 in consulting fees by the Davis campaign to build relationships with Independence Party members while Davis was seeking the party’s endorsement.



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