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NY-26: Jon Powers Decides To Visit His District

by on August 27, 2008

The Buffalo News reports that Jon Powers plans to visit the seven counties in the 26th District in seven days.

After all the time he’s spent out of the district trying to raise money, I guess he’s decided to go on a fact-finding mission to learn a few things about the district he wants to represent… I’d suggest he visit Lockport and learn about the Flight of Five project, since he clearly has no idea what that is when he really should… being a candidate for Congress and all.


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  1. hometown permalink

    Jon was born here … and you have been here for … how long?

  2. … and I still know more about local issues than Powers does…

  3. not right permalink

    Sure thing Matt – would you be willing to debate him? Your paycheck from the Davis campaign for his advertising leads me to believe your views are a little tainted.

    I live in Lockport and had no idea what the Flight of Five project was until last week. I’m sure Davis must be a Flight of Five specialist of some sorts.

    So in the long shot that Davis wins… will you still tout your advertising for him, or will it be directed to your right hand man Chris Lee?

  4. Under no circumstances would I ever classify the “flight of five” as an “issue”. It’s a pet pork project that someone wants federal funding for, and it ought to be classified as such. I hardly expect anyone running for office to have an intimate knowledge of every single pork barrel opportunity in the district.

    Through his retail campaigning, Powers has traveled the district all this year and half of last, listened to people’s problems and concerns, and pledged to help remedy them. “Flight of Five” is no ones problem or concern. Energy prices are. The economy is. The flight of people from the district is. The inability to keep / attract private enterprise is. The Iraq War is.

    Perhaps the Lee Foundation could fund the Flight of Five, and then congressional candidates wouldn’t have to be bothered with it.

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