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NY-26: Alice Kryzan Says "War on Terror" A Misnomer, Terrorism A Law Enforcement Issue

by on August 31, 2008

Yikes… If you didn’t catch Alice Kryzan’s interview on the Jerry Doyle Show on WYSL, then you missed something very disturbing. While most of the interview wasn’t very spectacular, there was one part that just really shocked me. In the segment devoted to foreign policy, Kryzan was asked for her thoughts on the war on terror. Her response was unbelievable:

“Llet me say this, first of all, I think that this concept of the war on terrorism is perhaps a misnomer. There are many people who believe that we should be attacking terrorism and terrorists more as a law enforcement and a policing issue, than an issue that our armed forced deal with… and i think there’s a lot to be said about that.”

There’s a lot to be said about that? Is Alice in her own liberal wonderland? How can she say seriously that fighting terrorism should be treated simply as a law enforcement issue?  Does she think an indictment will bring Osama bin Laden out of hiding? Treating terrorism as a law enforcement issue was the failed approach of the Clinton Administration, which resulted in multiple attacks against this country, and revealed our tactics to the enemy.

Here’s an audio clip of Alice making her ridiculous statement:


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