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NY-26: A Revealing Interview with Jack Davis

by on September 1, 2008

Jack Davis may not have the guts to debate his primary opponents, but he certainly has no problem making a fool out of himself when he’s on his own. The Tonawanda News posted an “abbreviated version” of an interview with the Lockport Union Sun & Journal, and his responses sound silly and paranoid and more like a conspiracy theorist than a legitimate candidate for congress.

For one thing, his adamant opposition to free trade is just ignorant, and demonstrate a complete lack of understanding of economics. How he could possibly be against free trade, as an international businessman, just makes no sense, unless of course he just exploiting a liberal talking point to gain votes in the primary.

He also claimed that all the unions that endorsed Jon Powers would have endorsed him, but couldn’t.

Q: Jon Powers has racked up a lot of labor endorsements. You have none. Why not?

A: You know about the Free Choice Rule? The way the present law is written, say if you would like to organize I Squared R, the Teamsters, the Auto Workers, people could do it on their own, you would have this little card and take it to the employees and say “we’d like to join the union, would you sign this card to have the Labor Relations Board come in here and run a secret ballot?” Some would sign, some would not. Some could be intimidated to sign. This “free choice” is, when you sign that, you have a union. It doesn’t protect the workers. I made my position clear on that and the unions said they couldn’t endorse me.

When I first talked to the unions in 2003, I was a non-union shop owner; I thought they’d throw things at me, but at the end of that meeting, they said, and I said, look we have differences. We should put our differences aside. We have to march on Washington and get this free trade problem straightened out. And they endorsed me. Twice. This time they said (Free Choice) was the criteria and I walked away from ‘em. They changed the rules.

And of course, he once again stated his intention to stay on the ballot under his “Save Jobs” party line if he doesn’t win the primary.

Q: If you don’t win the Democratic line, will you continue to campaign?

A: Yes, oh, definitely. This is too important to leave to the politicians. Our country is being destroyed. They’re still passing free trade agreements … . They’re paid off. I think a lot of ‘em know it’s wrong but they’re doing the wrong thing anyway. They got the money, they got re-elected and they don’t understand the seriousness of what’s going on here.

The only person who doesn’t understand things is Jack Davis. His opposition to free trade is just ignorant. The brilliant Thomas Sowell wrote a good piece defending free trade earlier this year… Jack Davis might learn a few things by reading it.


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