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NY-26: Jack Davis… No Class, No Class At All

by on September 2, 2008

Jerry Zremski reports on a rather sad encounter between Jon Powers and Jack Davis:

It was a beautiful day for a parade, and thus a beautiful day for a politician, but that doesn’t mean Jack Davis was ready to shake everyone’s hand.

Sitting behind the wheel of his gleaming black Excalibur at Monday’s Labor Day Parade in Clarence Center, Davis saw one of his opponents in the race for the Democratic nomination for Congress, Jon Powers, approaching.

Powers, who has been engaged in an exceptionally bitter battle with Davis, went up to his opponent and extended his hand — and Davis refused to shake it.

Instead, growing flustered, he simply shouted: “Get out of here!”

Powers, after persisting for a moment, simply sulked away, muttering under his breath.

What’s also telling about this story is that Davis reportedly had no problem shaking Alice Kryzan’s hand:

Afterwards, Kryzan went to say hello to Davis. He shook her hand and was as cordial as always, said Anne Wadsworth, Kryzan’s campaign manager.

Both Davis and Powers have shown that they believe the primary race is between the two of them. Their campaigns have attacked each other while ignoring Kryzan. Still that doesn’t mean Davis couldn’t have shook Powers’ hand.

Even Buffalo Pundit and I can have our political disagreements and still have a friendly lunch at The Falafel Bar. If Davis can’t even shake hands with his opponent, how can he claim he’ll be a problem solver in Congress?


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  1. And now you know why Davis is such a noxious choice for not just Democrats, but anybody. Good post.

  2. Are you kidding? That’s what’s wrong with politics: people make up lies about others all day, and think they can just play kissy face later. Powers started this negative campaigning by cutting from whole cloth the bribe TV ad, and Jack is supposed to grin like “hey, the joke’s on the voters, eh pal?” Bullshit. Jack walks the walk. You don’t have to agree with him, but respect the fact he’s not a phony snap & grin politician.

    Buffalo Pundit is a thumb-sucker. Please never darken these pages with his mention.

  3. LikeWiseThrilled – I’m back. Not sucking my thumb. GFY, and tell Jack to do the same.

  4. like wise pissed permalink

    Like Wise –

    Jack started the whole “negative” thing with a fake website you idiot!

    I’m a Republican and even I know that. I hope Powers or Kryzan win – because if Davis does he’ll pull the same crap with Chris Lee and just falsely smear him into the ground and drop millions without batting an eyelash.

    At least if Powers of Kryzan win there will be absolutely NO chance of Davis winning.

  5. It’s like a girls choir with you two Marys whining and bitching about poor Jon Powers. If the kid hadn’t lied and bluffed his way into politics he would not have needed the beat-down he’s getting. He’ll be lucky to come in a distant third. And the website came after the “Exxon Jack” attack. For the record: Powers started it. Now he’s been pushed down and is crying in the sandbox. Chris Lee has a chance to run and win on his record, his vision and his own accomplishments. If he pulls the same rookie crap Gerkin did – you know Gerkin, he’s the guy the lost the Davis race last time and about to lose the Powers race – he’ll take a whipping. Otherwise, may the best man win.

  6. His name’s Gerken.

    And I’m glad to know that serving as a Captain in the Army is, to @Likewisethrilled, “lied and bluffed his way into politics”.

    Gerken didn’t lose Jack’s race in 2006. Davis did. Gerken wasn’t running, and Davis always – ALWAYS – blames his staff for his own mistakes. Get your facts straight.

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