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Our Next Vice President

by on September 4, 2008

What else is there to say? She hit a grand slam.

Ed Cox says Palin good for New York:


Ed Cox […] chairman of the John McCain campaign in New York, said this morning that Sarah Palin will help the ticket in New York, especially with upstate’s conservative voting bloc.

“You look at the large undecided group is upstate New York, and these are basically people within the Republican Party, Reagan Democrats, others were unsure about John McCain in respect to the issues that are important to them,” Cox, left, said on Fred Dicker’s radio show this morning.

“And Sarah Palin underscores John McCain’s positions.”

New York Republicans are emboldened by a recent Siena College poll that showed Barack Obama with only an eight percentage point lead in New York. They want McCain to campaign more in New York.

Cox said Palin—who is pro-life, pro gun rights—will help McCain with voters in traditionally Republican parts of the state.

MORE: Our Next Vice President, Sarah PalinDear Democrats.

A great review of Palin’s speech.


Sarah Palin managed what no one else has managed to do during this presidential campaign.  She systematically and brutally tore apart Obama’s audacity of rhetoric.  There is no doubt anymore that Obama wants to raise taxes, grow government, stifle individual innovation and responsibility, and subject us to an ever-more invasive government.  



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