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NY-26: Davis's "Save Jobs and Farms" Party Fails to Get on Ballot

by on September 6, 2008

I just read that Jack Davis failed to get his so-called “Save Jobs and Farms” Party line on the ballot in November due to a missing form.

Davis can appeal the decision, but it seems highly unlikely that such an appeal would get anywhere.

via iPhone.

UPDATE: Here’ the story:

Jack Davis collected 7,000 signatures to get his “Save Jobs and Farms Party” on the November ballot, but he forgot the most important one: his own.

The state Board of Elections on Friday threw Davis’ new party off the November ballot because he failed to file a document accepting the party’s nomination for Congress in the 26th District, commission spokesman Robert A. Brehm said.

“The state board commissioners voted today to determine that the . . . petitions of Mr. Davis are invalid,” Brehm said. “The reason was the failure to timely file an acceptance by the candidate, which is required by state Election Law.”

Davis, an Akron millionaire who has vowed to spend $3 million of his money on the race, has until next Wednesday to go to court to appeal the decision.

Brehm indicated, however, that the ruling was an easy one on the part of the board.

“I don’t see how we can waive a statutory requirement,” he said.

Davis’ campaign manager, Luke Vaughn, attributed the problem to “a clerical error” and said the campaign is trying to find out how it happened.

“We’ll be exploring all possible options” to try to get the Save Jobs and Farms Party back on the ballot, Vaughn said.

How stupid can you get?


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