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NY-26: Bloggers' Primary Reax

by on September 10, 2008

26th District Blog talks about why Jon Powers failed.

When asked about making a prediction last night I said continually “Logic would be on the side of Powers but… I don’t know.” He had money, he had biography but most importantly he had the support of the local Democratic Party establishment and the bloggers. In terms of building up manpower, he should have won, they should have turned out, the phone banking should have worked, the money should have been spent on important resources. None of it panned out.

There’s a lot more worth reading.

The Albany Project notes that the DCCC has made Alice Kryzan their sloppy seconds:

This didn’t take long.

The DCCC announced today that Alice Kryzan has been immediately named to the “Red to Blue” list. 

Buffalo 14228 criticizes left-wing blogs that were drawn to Powers for being an Iraq War veteran, while ignoring his thin resumé.

She was also routinely hammered by alleged progressive political blogs like Alan Bedenko’s “The Buffalo Pundit” and Robert Harding of “The Albany Project.” Each fell in love with the “Iraq War veteran label” discounting the resume.

Scott Leffler says if Powers doesn’t complete drop out of the race, it be for spite.

If he proceeds in any manner other than dropping out, it will simply be out of spite, because everyone knows you don’t win a congressional election from the Working Families Party line … and he would simply be siphoning off votes from Alice Kryzan – assuring a Chris Lee victory.

Cincinnatus at Monroe Rising writes a letter to the Democratic leadership in the 26th District.

I can only imagine how you folks feel. Jon Powers spent over a year running for office, raised over a million dollars, had the support of all of the “progressive” bloggers and lost to a lady none of you know.

He goes on to give them some free advice.

Buffalo Pundit says Kryzan’s game winning shot came with an assist from Powers and Davis.

Because Powers and Davis spent so much time bashing each other, 2/3 of Kryzan’s job was done for her without her having to spend a dime. She needed one thing to stand out, and the “boys, take it somewhere else” ad was just the ticket.

And I see Chris Lee winning in November.


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  1. vote for rights permalink

    The victory was also supplied by LIARS like you who spread rumors falsely accusing Powers of stealing money from Iraqi children and fake photos of Powers at a Bill’s Backers bar in DC – making it look like a strip club (supplied by Davis)

    You are the reason politics is so damn scummy and why good people like Jon Powers rarely enter into the political world.

    Washington is run by the dirtiest people in the country. How sad.

  2. vote for rights permalink

    and would like be like when Kryzan was asked to step down by party leaders and refused to do so?

    you attacked Powers for doing the same thing you want Kryzan to do!!

    You are a hypocritcal idiot just like Kryzan

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