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NY-26: Jon Powers Undecided About Future of Campaign

by on September 10, 2008

According to this email sent from the Powers campaign, Jon Powers has not yet decided whether to continue his campaign, since he is still on the ballot in November under the Working Familes Party line:

Erin and I would like to thank each of you for the opportunity and honor to campaign for New York’s 26th Congressional District. I decided to run for Congress because the America that you and I believe in lost its voice in Washington. That is why we built a grassroots campaign that is based on the voices of the hard working men and women of Western New York.

With your help we started a conversation in your living rooms that began with holding 30 house parties in 30 days or last week visiting all 7 counties in 7 days. Thank you for sharing with me your challenges, concerns, and ideas on how we can make Western New York and this nation a better place.

Our conversation continued at roundtables talking with teachers about education, farmers about agriculture, Generals and veterans about the war, small business owners about the rising cost of health care and students about the rising costs of higher education.

This conversation really instilled in me the belief that together we have the power to change Washington.

None of this would have been possible without the unbelievable support and help of you, the Powers Platoon. One of the wonderful Platoon Leaders sent me an email this morning that I believe says it best,

This was way more than a campaign — it was a movement. A movement that must continue in some way or another. We built a coalition of people from the bottom up that joined together like I have never, ever seen here before.

She is absolutely right! I was honored to be a part of this effort as we stared down millionaires whose only line of defense was false political attacks and smears. Millions of dollars were spent in lies attacking our efforts because they were afraid of the power of this movement.

I am proud of serving our nation in Iraq, I am proud of the groundbreaking work of War Kids Relief that continues to this day to help the forgotten children of Iraq despite the lies of my opponents, and I am tremendously proud of this campaign that you and I put together.

As we are still on the ballot as the nominee for the Working Families Party, my family and team are currently deciding how best to proceed.

We want to thank each of you for your hard work and dedication. This campaign was never about an individual, it was about this community. If you believe that together we have the power to change Washington, this campaign is about you.

Thank you,



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