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Curious Ad In Artvoice

by on September 11, 2008

This afternoon while I was on my lunch, I happened to flip through the latest issue of the left-wing rag Artvoice. I’m not sure why I bother looking at it. The writing is horrible and unbalanced. 

That aside, I didn’t read any articles, but there was an ad that caught my eye almost immediately. It was an ad for Lebro’s Restaurant. 

I have no idea what to make of this ad, or if there’s really anything to make of it. Artvoice is undeniably a left-wing paper, so I was rather shocked to see the Palin’s family portrait being used in an ad. Now, I don’t usually read Artvoice, so I don’t know if this is something Lebro’s Restaurant typically does — use topical photos in their advertisements — or if this is a unique ad.


From → Campaign 2008, Media

  1. I am both perplexed and amused.

    I think I’m proud.

  2. Lebro’s always uses topical issues to do ads. They’re just being funny.

  3. Well, it clearly works. The ad caught my attention.

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