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SD-61: Baby Joe Mesi Running Away from Debates with Mike Ranzenhofer?

by on September 24, 2008

Baby Joe Mesi, who “challenged” Mike Ranzenhofer to three debates over a week ago, is now apparently running away from debating Ranzenhofer, who had immediately accepted the challenge.

From the Ranzenhofer campaign:

Mike Ranzenhofer, Candidate for State Senate in the 61st Senate District, called out his November opponent for avoiding opportunities to debate the issues. Ranzenhofer immediately accepted four invitations to appear with Mesi to debate and is ready for any opportunity for voters to see the two candidates together.

Ranzenhofer is scheduled for WBEN Radio’s Hardline with Hardwick, R News Live Debate in Rochester, WBEN Radio’s Financial Guys Forum and the League of Women Voters in Clarence. Joe Mesi, however, has not committed to any of these invitations that were given more than two weeks ago.

“Joe Mesi has been hyped by Democrats as a great debater, but hasn’t accepted any of the invitations to debate in his own District.” challenged Ranzenhofer. “He is running away from the local issues. Just last week Mesi made time to speak to the press in New York City with downstate Democrats and to rally today in Rochester.”

“Voters understand that the stakes are too high to send politicians to Albany who are in need of on-the-job training,” said Ranzenhofer. “They deserve an opportunity to hear both candidates in forums sponsored by nonpartisan organizations.”

So where is Baby Joe running? I thought he was a fighter.

I guess despite all his talk about being a fighter, he really is just a lightweight.


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