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NY-26: Chris Lee Gets Independence Party Endorsement

by on September 25, 2008

The Independence Party, New York’s third-largest political party, announced they are endorsing Chris Lee for Congress in the 26th District. Chris Lee released the following statement upon learning of the endorsement:

“I am honored to have the endorsement of New York State’s Independence Party.  I greatly appreciate their support in this election.

“On November 4, the people of Western New York will have a clear choice, and the opportunity to send a real independent voice to Washington who will restore fiscally responsibility and fight to lessen the tax burden on our families. 

 “Washington is broken – I will fight to end the gridlock and restore taxpayer trust by holding leaders accountable for how they spend our hard earned money. 

“In these tough economic times we need a new direction in Congress and a leader who has the real-world experience to get solutions for our families.”

The Buffalo News reports:

The development is seen as a major coup for Lee, who now has the top two minor party lines along with the GOP slot.

The Independence Party was able to place Lee on the ballot under its line by exercising a series of technical moves.

Anthony L. Fumerelle previously had been the Independence Party’s candidate, but is now nominated for a State Supreme Court judgeship in Queens even though Fumerlle is a Buffalo attorney.

Other than death, nomination for a Supreme Court post is the only way a candidate can be replaced at this late date, according to state election law.

“We requested that Anthony move off after we found what we consider to be the best candidate for our line,” State Vice Chairman Thomas S. Connolly said. “This is necessary in a very tough situation where we are in the midst of a primary and you can’t determine who the candidates will be until after.”

When asked why voters should have confidence in a party that switches candidates after nominating them, Connolly said confusion in the Independence Party and in the Democratic primary caused the minor party to take the unusual step.

According to the story, Alice Kryzan was not considered for the endorsement.

 Connolly said the party did not contact Democrat Alice J. Kryzan, feeling more comfortable with the former businessman from Amherst.


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