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NY-26: Chris Lee Leads by 11 Points in Scientific Poll

by on September 26, 2008

I am on the road to an undisclosed location in Ohio, but I did receive an email just now informing me that a new scientific poll conducted by SurveyUSA for WGRZ has Chris Lee leading leading Alice Kryzan 48%-37%.

UPDATE, Sunday, September 28, 2008, 6:23 PM: I have returned from my mini-vacation in Put-In Bay, OH. Now that I’m back, I thought I’d offer more on this new, legitimate poll.

A scientific poll conducted exclusively for 2 On Your Side by Survey USA shows republican Chris Lee leading democrat Alice Kryzan 48% to 37% in the race for the 26th congressional district. 

The poll was conducted by Survey USA, an independent research company that conducted a telephone survey of 900 registered voters in the 26th congressional district on September 24th and 25th.
Working Families Party candidate Jon Powers received 5% of the vote today. Independence Party candidate Anthony Fumerelle, who was replaced by the Independence Party with Republican Chris Lee during the field period of this survey, took 3% of the vote.

7% of likely voters are undecided.

Now, this new poll totally contradicts the findings of the earlier poll put out by the DCCC, which had Kryzan up by 10 points, with nearly 1/3 of respondents undecided. Why should this new poll be trusted and the DCCC not? Well, I’ve already explained why you can’t trust the DCCC poll.

WBRZ posted the internals for this SurveyUSA poll, (the DCCC did not post their internals) and there is a lot of good data you can take from it… all of it bodes well for Chris Lee. He leads among men, women, and Independents.  

Neither Scott Leffler or Buffalo Pundit have chimed in on this new poll, but Robert Harding of The Albany Project has:

This poll counters a DCCC-backed poll from earlier this week that showed Kryzan up ten points. I will take SurveyUSA’s word over the DCCC poll. Kryzan being up ten in this district was a little weird to me, but made for a great news story and a great way to raise money for her anyway. Nevertheless, there is a lot of work to do in this district.  

Now this is interesting because it is pretty much what I said last week when the poll first came out:

[The DCCC poll]  is more useful as a fundraising tool for Alice Kryzan than as a legitimate snapshot of the state of the congressional race.

Maybe it worked and Kryzan was able to raise a bit of money from her bogus poll. But, the SurveyUSA poll is probably going to make people think twice before giving her any of their hard-earned gas money.


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  1. Well, I didn’t comment on the DCCC poll, nor have I commented on this new poll.

    Query, however, why businessman Chris Lee has nothing to say about the 2-week old once-in-a-century financial crisis.

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