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NY-27: Higgins Voted For Bailout; Humiston Opposes

by on September 30, 2008

While Brian Higgins voted for the massive bailout plan that failed yesterday, Dan Humiston has come out against the bailout, saying it is the wrong answer to our economic crisis.

“I am firmly against a plan that requires innocent Western New Yorkers to clean up the financial mess that greed on Wall Street created. Our community wasn’t responsible for and didn’t benefit from Wall Street’s sub-prime fiasco, so why should we have to pay to fix it?” Humiston said.

“I applaud the House of Representatives for their decision to reject the proposed corporate bailout. I hope that those who voted against the bailout will continue to stand their ground and tell Wall Street that their votes are not for sale. I’m disappointed that Congressman Higgins voted to support the bailout. It’s unfortunate that he chose to support his friends on Wall St. instead of the hardworking families in Western New York.”

Humiston also said that “Western New York families can’t afford to bail out Wall Street. We shouldn’t allow the Wall Street-manipulated media or politicians with hidden agendas to scare us into making a bad decision.”

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