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SD-61: Comparing Ranzenhofer's and Baby Joe's TV Ads

by on October 5, 2008

I’ve noticed a lot of ads on TV for the tight race Senate District 61 between Mike Ranzenhofer and Baby Joe. So, I’ve decided to weigh in on two of those ads, one from each campaign, that features the candidate talking to the camera.

First, here’s Mike Ranzenhofer’s:

Next, here’s Baby Joe’s:

The differences between these ads can be distinguished simply as substance vs. style. They both pretty much say the same thing, but Ranzenhofer’s ad gives specifics about what his positions are (i.e. cutting taxes, spending, and capping property taxes) while Baby Joe avoids specifics on how he plans to keep jobs and people in Western New York, and instead presents himself as an average guy who is likable.

Each ad is effective for different reasons.

Ranzenhofer’s is effective because the message of lower taxes, cutting spending and property tax caps will resonate in the district. Baby Joe’s ad is effective because it’s hard not to like him after watching the ad.

Baby Joe is trying to sell himself as a personaility with his ad. Mike Ranzenhofer is running on issues and specific proposals.

Now, normally I would give the edge to an issues-based campaign, however, as the presidential race this year has shown, issues are far less important than personality and buzzwords. If, God forbid, Barack Obama wins in November, it won’t be because of issues, it will be because he sold his image effectively, not because most people really agree with his Socialism-style plans or defeatist attitude on the war on terror.

Now, if I were advising both candidates, I would give them both the following advice. To Baby Joe, I would say he has to be more specific about his positions on the issues in his ads. I’d like to believe people will want to know how he thinks he can keep people and jobs in Western New York. 

Mike Ranzenhofer has to present himself as equally likable as Baby Joe, but also use his past experience as proof he has the ability to actually accomplish the goals he presents. He needs to explain the reasons why people and jobs are leaving New York, and demonstrate he’s the one in the race that can actually do something about it.


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One Comment
  1. chris permalink

    I am new to politics. I am worried that Obama is going to turn our country into dirt. Could you give me some specific examples of Obama’s socialistic style plans. I’m worried!

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