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SD-59: Even More Trouble For Kathy Konst

by on October 6, 2008

Kathy Konst has already been having problems in the past week… but it seems like she’s her own worst enemy

State Senate candidate Kathy Konst on Friday missed her third deadline in a row for filing financial disclosure reports with the State Board of Elections, injecting another element of controversy into an increasingly troubled campaign.

Board records indicate Democrat Konst did not file the required report that lists contributions and expenditures, while Republican opponent Sen. Dale M. Volker of Lancaster and hundreds of others around the state submitted theirs on time as required by law.

Erie County Republican Chairman James P. Domagalski, who has been leading the charge against Konst over the past several days, called it a “flagrant violation” that makes it seem as if she is “above the law.”

“What’s she hiding? Why won’t she let the citizens and taxpayers know from where she’s getting her money and what she’s spending it on?” he said. “If she is unwilling to file, she really ought to step down from this campaign.”

Konst did not return a call seeking comment.

How long before the lefty blogs of WNY blame the ECGOP for Konst’s failure to file?


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