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NY-26: Jon Powers Comes Out Of Hiding; Ends Campaign

by on October 8, 2008

After weeks of silence from Jon Powers, he has just sent out an email to supporters, announcing his plans:


I hope this email finds you well. We have talked a great deal over this last year about how incredibly important this election is to the future of our country. New leadership in Washington will be responsible for navigating us through these challenging economic times, implementing an energy policy that will break our nation’s addiction to foreign oil, and bring our troops home safely, securely, and soon.

As you know, my family and I have been highly invested in this year’s election and believe that each of us has a responsibility to serve this nation in a fashion that can help play a role in the change we need. Each of us is responsible for being part of the solution that will help get our nation back on our feet.

Erin and I know that we still have a role to play in this year’s election. We have decided to take a job opportunity in Washington, DC that will allow us to make an impact on a national level.

I will be working with the Eleison Group to develop Veteran Advisory Councils for Congressional campaigns across the country. This will allow me to help candidates not only understand the issues around the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan but put together policies to ensure we are taking care of those who served us. The Veteran Advisory Council provides me an opportunity to engage veterans in Western New York and across the nation to make sure they are working with their local campaigns to provide the critical first hand knowledge that someone who has been in combat brings to the conversation.

We have decided to stop our campaign and I am no longer running for Congress.

We want to thank each of you for your hard work and dedication. Please continue to serve in your community and find a way to get involved in this year’s elections.

This campaign was never about an individual, it was about this community. If you believe that together we have the power to change Washington, then please continue to work toward the dramatic change our country needs.



Notice how he did not offer any words of support for Alice Kryzan.

I guess Powers exits the race a sore loser.


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One Comment
  1. vote for rights permalink

    if he was a sore loser he’d stay on the WFP line you stupid moron.

    can’t wait for you to get hit by a bus.

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