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Siena Poll: Delano and Volker Lead in Senate Races

by on October 8, 2008

A Siena poll released today shows good news for Dennis Delano (SD-61) and Dale Volker (SD-59).

First, here’s what the poll says about the 61st Senate District race:

In a district where Democrats outnumber Republicans by more than two-to-one, Delano holds a 49-36 percent lead over Stachowski. While Stachowski has the support of only about half of Democrats, Delano gets nearly two-thirds of Republicans and more than two-thirds of independent voters. Delano leads with men and women, with every age group and religion, and in every region of the district.

Stachowski is viewed favorably by 39 percent of voters and unfavorably by 14 percent, with 47 percent having no opinion. Delano has a 63-15 percent favorable rating, with only 23 percent having no opinion. Delano‟s favorable rating is 59 percent with Democrats – significantly higher than Stachowski‟s 44 percent – and at least 61 percent in every region of the district.

And here’s what Siena says about the 59th Senate District race:

Volker has a significant 17-point, 50-33 percent, lead over Konst. Volker has the support of two-thirds of Republicans, leading 67-25 percent, while Konst only wins among Democrats 51-33 percent. Volker leads 43-28 percent among independent voters. Volker has an eight-point lead in the Erie County portion of the district and a commanding 29-point lead in the Livingston/Ontario/Wyoming Counties portion of the district.

Volker is viewed favorably by 49 percent of voters and unfavorably by 32 percent. Democrats are nearly evenly divided on Volker. Konst has a 26-16 percent favorable rating, with 58 percent of voters having no opinion.

Voters support keeping Republicans in control of the Senate by a 49-35 percent margin, with independent voters voicing two-to-one support for Republican control. McCain has a 54-36 percent lead over Obama.

The Delano/Stachowski poll shocks many, as the Buffalo News notes “Stachowski had originally been viewed as a “sure thing” for the Democrats in their effort to tip the balance.” Konst, as we know hasn’t had a very easy couple weeks, with her failure to file to disclosure forms on time, and the revelation she voted twice back in 1996. A website called has emerged featuring various documents and stories supporting the allegations made against her.

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