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NY-26: Lee and Kryzan to Debate Tonight

by on October 9, 2008

As you may be aware, Chris Lee and Alice Kryzan will be debating tonight.

I had an opportunity to attend, but I had previously made arrangements to make my first return visit to Boston, MA since I moved to Western New York in March of this year. So, I will unfortunately miss the debate.

I hope to acquire audio of the debate this weekend and offer my thoughts on it when I return.

In the meantime, I would like to take a moment to direct your attention to a new user blog here at The Buffalo Bean called GOP Steam. While I’m gone this weekend you can check out GOP Steam for some fresh content.

If you’re a Western New York conservative and are interested in starting your own blog, click here to learn about how you can start your own blog here at The Buffalo Bean.

UPDATE, 11:05 PM: I have arrived in Boston, and made it back to my brother’s condo where I will be staying during my visit. I have received multiple emails telling me that Chris Lee clobbered Kryzan in the debate. With no access to a laptop I can’t provide any links to audio or anything as I am limited by the capabilities of my iPhone, but I hope to listen to the debate soon after my return Sunday night. But, nevertheless it is good to hear that Chris Lee beat Kryzan in the debate.

One Comment
  1. dippidtydo permalink

    I would barely call it a clobbering. They both looked like morons.

    Kryzan continued her blatent lying, saying she’d stay positive in the midst of attacking Lee during the debate. She proved her lack of knowledge regarding Monroe County.

    I don’t think Lee is very smart after that debate, and a poor public speaker at that. But, he did show his desire to meet with the people of the disctrict and at least a hint of willingness to find a bi=partisan solution.

    Lee gets the victory, but by a slim margin.

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