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SD-61: Ranzenhofer and Mesi on WBEN

by on October 19, 2008

Listening to Mike Ranzenhofer and Baby Joe Mesi on WBEN with Kevin Hardwick… and it is quite clear why Baby Joe had previously been avoiding debating Ranzenhofer. While Mike is demonstrating a clear understanding of the issues and is giving definitive answers, Baby Joe is giving more wishy-washy answers about “looking into” this or “being open to” that. Baby Joe can’t commit to a tough position on an issue. Sad.


From → Campaign 2008, SD-61

One Comment
  1. I listened to the interview on and off, but the one thing I noticed most was the obvious huffing and puffing by Mesi anytime Ranzenhofer made a point against him! I could almost see Mesi’s fists clenching getting ready to throw a punch. Unfortunately for Mesi, all his punches were wiffs. Sorry Joe, TKO – you’re down for the count.

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