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NY-26: Alice Kryzan Will Work for The Voters of the 25th District

by on October 28, 2008

At the Clarence Candidates’ Forum yesterday, Alice Kryzan made a bit of a gaffe in not only flip flopping on her position on special interests, but by saying she work hard for the hard working people of the 25th district.

Of course she’s running in the 26h District.. so … woops.

The left-wing Buffalo Pundit was able to make it to the event, and decided to do a bit of preemptive damage control for Alice in Wonderland:

At one point, Kryzan slipped and said “25th” when she meant “26th” district. A dopey misstatement, but a misstatement nonetheless, and I have no doubt that the Republicans will try to make some hay with it about Kryzan not knowing what district she’s running in.

Uh huh… and had had Chris Lee made the the same mistake does anyone doubt that we’d have seen some picture of Lee with some witty “FAIL” caption on it?

While I am sure at this point Alice has managed to memorize what district she lives in, it serves as a reminder that Alice doesn’t really have much knowledge about the local issues.


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