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NY-27: Five Questions With Dan Humiston

by on October 28, 2008

The Buffalo Bean recently had the opportunity to interview Dan Humiston, candidate for U.S. Congress in New York’s 27th district. The interview was conducted via email and is posted below:

THE BUFFALO BEAN: You were quoted in the Buffalo News last week saying that when things are bad “you want to shake things up.” How would you shake up Washington?

DAN HUMISTON: I would shake things up in two very important ways: First I would bring a new perspective to the job; the perspective of a entrepreneur who has personal experience in creating jobs, making payroll and having to operate within a budget; things that career politicians have never had to do. Second, I would not be afraid to buck the House leadership, I don’t think Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank know a thing about Western New York and I would stand up to them when it is in the interest of the 27th district. `

TBB: You’ve been very critical of your opponent, Brian Higgins, for his vote for the $700 billion bailout. From talking with the voters in your district, have you found a lot of anger over this issue?

DH: Western New Yorkers didn’t create the financial crisis but now we have to pay for it, you bet voters in this district are unhappy about that bailout. I was on record against the bailout before the first vote because I knew it was it wasn’t fair to Western New Yorkers. Unfortunately, too many members of Congress ignored their constituents and caved to pressure from their party.

TBB: Higgins claims a lot of credit for making things happen in the 27th district. Is that credit deserved?

DH: I am sure Brian Higgins made some things happen during his time in Congress but he has done nothing to impact the most important issue facing this region, creating, keeping and attracting jobs. There over 70,000 fewer people living here today than lived here when he first took office in 1988. If I am elected to Congress, growing the population will be my priority.

TBB: You have spent the majority of the campaign out on trail by yourself. It was only recently that Brian Higgins seemed to acknowledge your presence in the race, even agreeing to a number of debates. What do you think accounts for Higgins’ sudden interest in his reelection campaign?

DH: That is a question that you need to ask Brian Higgins but I can tell you this; people are worried about the direction of this county; Congress’s approval ratings are the lowest they have ever been and the voters are mad about the bailout. Business as usual isn’t working and many see an opportunity for change in my candidacy.

TBB: The dominant theme of this election season has been “change.” Please explain how you will do things differently than your opponent in Congress.

DH:The biggest difference between Brian Higgins and me is our respective backgrounds. I am an entrepreneur, my background is in business. Brian’s a politician whose background is in government.

Entrepreneurs who are successful in business are good at managing constant change, at taking risks, and turning problems into opportunities.

Politicians who are successful in government are good at managing the status quo, at avoiding risk and turning opportunities into problems.

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