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A Pro-Ayers Professor Responds

by on October 31, 2008

Last week I was disturbed by reports that 3000 professors/educators had signed a statement in support of domestic terrorist Bill Ayers.

I found the list (now boasting over 4,000 signatories) and extracted from it all those from Western New York colleges and universities.

Apparently, one person on the list didn’t appreciate my efforts to inform the public of their support for Ayers and wrote me a lengthy letter, which I am posting and responding to below. I am not going to publish the name school of the professor who contacted me… unless I am so motivated to reveal that information later.

Well thank you “BIG BROTHER” for enlightening us with your article titled “Western New York Educators” Who Support Terrorist Bill Ayers.” You sound like someone who has emerged from the McCarthy era when you say in your article, “I cross checked this list of WNY colleges and universities with the pro-Ayers signatories.” What does it matter to you that educators sign petitions to support Professor Bill Ayers? Is he running for President of the United States of America? Are any of the learned Professors who signed the petition running for President of the United States of America? The last time I checked I was born and reared in the United States of America. I believe that makes me a citizen and I’m free to express myself whenever and however I please.

Apparently it is Orwellian to take publicly available information and repost the portions of it that are most interesting to me. Go figure. What does it matter to me that educators sign petitions to support Bill Ayers? The answer to that is simple. It has nothing to do with the 2008 presidential election. It has everything to do with Ayers’ past terrorist activities — which are unforgivable. I am not questioning the right of any American to express their support of Ayers. I am questionng their judgment, their patriotism, and whether they should be trusted as educators.

I believe Bill Ayers, in the 1960s made horrendous mistakes, but since has redeemed himself. He has since contributed positively to society. Obviously, since he has authored many books, he does not have the time to sit around, conjuring up blog websites, and making “witch hunt” lists. I have never met Bill Ayers, nor do I have a personal relationship with him or any other terrorist groups or organizations. Therefore, I do not LOVE TERRORISTS!

In 40 years, will Americans so easily write off the 9/11 terrorist attacks as a mere mistake by those who planned it? Could Osama bin Laden or Khalid Sheikh Mohammad ever redeem themselves for their roles in the attacks?

Initially, I also believed that Senator Barack Obama’s relationship with Ayers needed clarification. However, in the third Presidential debate, he so eloquently described it, and denounced what Ayers did when the Senator was eight years old. That should be enough.

During this dishonorable Presidential campaign that has been run by the candidate in the party that you support, you have neglected to focus on actual issues that are troubling our country at this very moment, and have devoted your attention to insignificant, inconsequential, irrelevant, superficial matters such as listing names of Western New York Professors and trying to establish a link between them and a figure that has no bearing on this Presidential race nor Capital Hill. Maybe it is the kind of flippant and nonchalant attitude that smells in your article, is what has millions of American crying out for “Change.”

Again, my reasons for compiling the list has nothing to do with Barack Obama or his relationship with Ayers. It has to do with the educators who publicly expressed their support for Ayers, a man who still feels he didn’t do enough to attack America.

But since we’re on the subject of “domestic terrorists” I have a few for you; most of whom had affiliations with your party! Does that make you and your colleagues terrorists, hypocrites, and bigots? Bill Ayers may have conspired to bomb the Pentagon but let’s not forget some real life historical domestic terrorists acts;

This professor went on to list various criminal acts during the Civil Rights Era which she ignorantly (and incorrectly) assumed all had affiliations with the Republican Party. But the issue here isn’t about Ayers’ party affiliation. It is about his actions. I would never sign a statement in support of someone who committed terrorist acts against my country. But, I guess that is the difference between me and the now 4000+ educators who declared their support for Ayers.

And I would never allow a child of mine take a course taught by someone who did.

No length of time would change my mind.



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  1. People can be really silly sometimes. If they didn’t want people to note their support they shouldn’t have signed a statement! The first thing I did when I saw the letter was look at who worked for the SUNY system.

    While they may not agree with the way their support is interpreted they had to know their signing was a partisan action that would be “out there” for the world to see and picked apart by the opposition. You sign a letter of support to lend your name to someone. If you lend your name to a terrorist, former or current, you most likely know you are opening yourself up to comment.

    I wonder if any of the people locally who signed this letter even know William Ayres personally to any degree. If you are going to lend your name, credibility and the title granted to you by your job to stick up for the credibility of another, you should be darned sure you know that the person is on the up and up and is publically putting out things you won’t be later ashamed of.”

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