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NY-26: Alice Kryzan's Career

by on November 1, 2008

For a while now I’ve heard rumors about Alice Kryzan’s legal career… Apparently she worked at quite a few law firms:

Phillips Lytle, LLC
Whiteman Osterman & Hanna
Kryzan & Kolaga
Harris Beach & Wilcox

That is a lot firms to have worked over 26 years.. especially when the longest stretch she spent at any of them was 6 years.

So what does this tell us about Alice Kryzan? That she jumped around from law firm to law firm?  Okay. But that really leaves us with a big question: Why? According to rumors I have heard she was fired from a few of these firms… 

Alice is running for congress largely on her experience as a lawyer. But it looks like that experience is hardly something to brag about.


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  1. OPNY permalink

    The word is that Alice does not work and play well with others. People that know her don’t like her,

  2. Those are pretty much the same things I have heard.

  3. 6 firms in 26 years is not excessive in any way. In any event, whether Alice “plays well with others” or not is certainly less of a character flaw than, say, hacking into your employer’s computer system to artificially inflate your customers’ credit scores for personal gain, and getting fired for it. Cantankerousness > fraud, IMHO.

  4. Let’s do the math… 6 firms in 26 years… averaging 3 years per firm…

    That is a questionable career if I have ever seen one.

  5. Then you must not know a lot of lawyers, because in private practice – especially in the Buffalo area – it’s completely within normal limits. I know at least 2 or 3 lawyers who have been in practice for about 5 years and have already worked at 3 firms.

    Either way, it’s better than Lee’s “hack ‘n fraud”.

  6. Also, 26/6 = 4.3. Not 3.

  7. Actually it is 5 firms, with an average employment span of 3.2 years.

  8. OPNY permalink

    A lawyer who has been at three firms in five years is not a very good lawyer.

  9. A lawyer who has been at 3 firms in 5 years is looking for a good opportunity.

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