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New Siena Poll Shows Stachowski's Smear Campaign Working; Mesi On Verge Of First Defeat

by on November 2, 2008

A new Siena poll shows some interesting shifts in some State Senate races. First, in the 58th Senate District Bill Stachowski has retaken the lead over Dennis Delano.

Stachowski now has a 47-43 percent lead over Delano, after trailing 49-36 percent in the previous Siena poll in this district where Democrats have a better than two-to-one enrollment edge. Stachowski has increased his lead among Democrats to 62-30 percent (up from 51-34 percent). Delano maintains a 63-25 percent lead among Republicans (virtually unchanged from 64-23 percent) and has seen his lead among independent voters fall to 54-36 percent, down from 67-19 percent. 

It is clear that Stachowski’s smear campaign against Delano has had an impact.

Also, it appears that in the 61st Senate District Baby Joe Mesi’s boxing metaphors aren’t enough cover for his lack of understanding of the issues:

Ranzenhofer has a 47-42 percent lead over Mesi, who had a slimmer 40-38 percent lead in the previous Siena poll, in this district where Republicans have a very small enrollment edge over Democrats. Ranzenhofer leads among Republicans 69-25 percent, up from 59-21 percent. Mesi leads among Democrats 62-29 percent, closer than the previous 63-19 percent. Mesi leads among independent voters 42-37 percent, although Ranzenhofer closed the gap from 43-28 percent. 

Looks the people of the 61st Senate District are seeing that Baby Joe is indeed “out of his element at this point in his political development.”

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