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From My Cold, Dead Hands

by on November 11, 2008

Here’s an interesting story from the Buffalo News about gun owners and the coming Obama regime.

Harry McLain Jr. saw the spike the day after the election, when his sales doubled over the previous year then shot even higher Thursday. “They are buying more guns than normal, and they are buying the guns the government doesn’t want them to have,” said McLain, who owns a gun shop near Binghamton and was among the sellers gathered Saturday for a weekend gun show on Main Street in Clarence.

Gun owners figure a Barack Obama administration, combined with a Democrat-controlled House and Senate, will impose stricter laws, so they are buying guns now, especially semiautomatic weapons. The fears manifested Saturday in Clarence have appeared around the country as well.

Last month, as an Obama victory appeared likely, background checks for gun purchases rose by 108,000 over the previous October, a 15 percent increase. As of Oct. 26, they were up about 8 percent for this year, according to the FBI.

In Colorado, the “Insta-Check” background check required for a firearm sale was jammed, with waits exceeding two hours Wednesday. Shop owners and buyers told the Denver Post that Obama’s victory and Democratic gains in Congress were at the root of it.

Obama has said he respects the Second Amendment right to bear arms but favors “common sense” gun laws. Gun-rights advocates interpret that as meaning he will at least curb the ownership of assault weapons and concealed weapons.

I, too, fear that our 2nd Amendment rights are in jeopardy, along with many others. I am a new member of the National Rifle Association. I am going to get my permit. I got to do it while I still can.

From my cold, dead hands

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  1. AnObserver permalink

    Permits are just the government’s way of allowing the citizen to believe that there is really a 2nd Amendment right. So you are a law abiding citizen and have your permit. What happens when your permit is revoked? Is that gun really your property? Do you really have a 2nd amendment right to keep that gun? You might still have title to it but it’ll be in a lock-up at your local police HQ.

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