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What Will Obama Do For Buffalo?

by on November 12, 2008

I have heard this question asked quite a bit since last Tuesday, and it always amuses me how delusional people are over this politically experienced community organizer. The theory is that Comrade Obama, because of his “urban background,” and since he is a left-wing Democrat that will be a great advocate for the city and the region… which is ridiculous. Democrats have hardly been good for Buffalo… failing schools, higher gas prices than any other urban area in the 48 contiguous states, just to name a couple things. Democrats have failed Buffalo for years, yet they remain in power.

Things in Buffalo are going to get a lot worse under Obama… not better. Unions will see their already ridiculous amount of power increase, driving up costs of everything, especially construction, which will cause developers to look away from Buffalo… which is already been a problem, but will just get worse with the likely onslaught of increased regulations.

It is too bad because just as Buffalo will suffer under Obama, so will the rest of the country….

UPDATE: Imagine this… Chuck Schumer thinks Obama will open up the floodgates and send millions in federal taxdollars and pork projects to Buffalo.

Still aglow over last week’s Democratic election victories, Sen. Charles E. Schumer predicted today that Barack Obama’s impending presidency will translate into millions of dollars of area projects and programs he said were stalled by the current administration.

Schumer addressed reporters late this morning at the federal office building at 130 S. Elmwood Ave., where he said he expected federal dollars will stimulate the economy in several key areas: infrastructure; Medicaid, food assistance and unemployment benefits; preventing foreclosures on homes; an enhanced children’s health insurance program, and new crime fighting efforts.

“President-elect Obama is familiar with some of the needs we have,” he said. “Unfortunately, the last administration was out of touch. All the benefits went to the most wealthy among us.”

Schumer said the immediate need for the nation’s ailing economy is for money to begin flowing. That is a traditional government responsibility in times of recession, he said, and he believes the new administration will begin funding repair of roads and bridges, sewer upgrades and mass transit projects.

He also said Washington will almost certainly address the needs of the ailing automobile industry in some type of assistance program — though strings will be attached.

I can’t believe that even with the economy the way it is (and will get worse, thanks to the events of last week) that Schumer still thinks the solution to every problem is to throw money at it.

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