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A Revealing Encounter With Rep. Louise Slaughter

by on November 13, 2008

Jim over at Opinerlog had an interesting encounter with Rep. Louise Slaughter yesterday:

Following the usual pleasantries and before the festivities were underway, I asked Louise what she thought about Sen. Schumer’s characterization of conservative talk radio as “pornography”, and whether or not that was symptomatic of Democrats’ wanting to re-impose the Fairness Doctrine which, to me, was tantamount to breaching free speech. Her carefree demeanor morphed into a decidedly defensive posture and she quickly countered that the doctrine had been around since 1939 and that it was nothing to worry about. (Her logic was interesting. Slavery was the law of the land for a very long time too before that abysmally odious practice was outlawed.) She proceeded to quickly deny that Sen. Schumer said what he had reportedly said and went on to pronounce that the airwaves belong to the people and that equal time for both points of view was needed. Calmly maintaining eye contact and without wavering, I politely pointed out that the free market belonged to “us” all as does “our” choice as to which station “we” can tune in. I asked if she had any problem with “our” exercising “free choice” in this regard and informed her that I periodically listen to Air America, but that owing to the station’s sophomoric and mean-spirited dialogue I could never stomach more than 10 minutes at a time and invariably switched to other stations for balance and information. She appeared a tad taken aback by my unwillingness to allow her “congressional awe” to deter me. She countered by saying that the Fairness Doctrine has nothing to do with free speech. “Of course it does,” I gently countered.

There’s more there, so check it out. Slaughter’s view is, as Jim says, “revealing and, yes, so very, very unsettling.”

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