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Talk Radio Is Not The Problem

by on November 13, 2008

Don’t think the so-called Fairness Doctrine (which might as well be called the Repeal Freedom of Speech Act) could come back? This Buffalo News editorial suggests it may come back… and tries make the case that it should.

Talk radio lost this federal election in two big ways. Its candidate, Republican John McCain, got creamed. And its most dedicated enemies, who want to trim talk radio’s sails, were massively empowered.

Elements of the team of Presidentelect Barack “Hussein” Obama, as they were fond of calling him, and the expanded Democratic majority will move to remind broadcasters of a fundamental tenet of broadcast law.

That is, that the airwaves do not belong to the station “owners,” as they call themselves, but to the people of the United States of America.

First, John McCain wasn’t really talk radio’s candidate. McCain was long seen as not conservative enough, and I can’t think of a single conservative on-air pundit who vas a McCainiac prior to his apparent victory in the GOP primary. So, their support of McCain was lukewarm at best on ideological grounds.
Second, his full name is Barack Hussein Obama.

The basic service that a broadcast licensee owes a community is truth. As the election neared, that commodity was in short supply.

And the very reason why talk radio has thrived is that the mainstream media, specifically print and television, have utterly failed to provide the honesty so many are seeking. Media coverage this campaign season marked a new low for journalism. Barack Obama hardly needed the millions of dollars he raised with the media carrying the water for him for two years. Talk radio was ahead of the curve on the Jeremiah Wright story by several months. The Los Angeles Times violated the public trust by not releasing a video of Obama from 2003 which would have shed light on his relationship with PLO activist Rashid Khalidi, but also allegedly showed Obama saying that Israel was a terrorist state.

The mainstream media gave vitrually no coverage to the story that Obama’s original birth certificate was sealed by the governor Hawaii, preventing anyone from confirming whether or not Obama was a natural born citizen and even constitutionally eligble to be president.

Douglas Turner, the author of the column, cited what he sees as a few “wrongs” of talk radio, but is apparently unbothered by the mainstream media’s protection of Obama’s candidacy by so-called journalists who falsely claim to be objective.

The fact is that talk radio’s popularity is a result of the mainstream media’s inability to tell the whole truth or be objective. What Turner fails to recognize is that while talk radio hosts do openly express their opinion, they also talk about stories that aren’t given the light of day by print and television media. And atleast talk radio hosts are honest about their partiality… their equivalents in the mainstream media still claim to be impartial.


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